West Michigan

A mind shift to new ways of thinking.

At Empowered Kids, we help kids change their future with:

Empowered Kids teaches children how to heal from life’s hurts, so they can enjoy their education and grow to be all they were created to be.

Care is offered in the school (K-12), during the school day where it is easier for the student to attend the sessions.

Watch the video below for some amazing statistics!

In the video below, Tom Livezey, Superintendent of Oakridge Schools, shares his thoughts on the needs of the children.

Will you help the hurt find healing?

It really works!

Positive Statements of who I am really work!


Thank you so much!

I hated life and didn’t want to live anymore.  I am so glad that I heard about you.  I feel like a new person and am glad to be alive!

Student - Oakridge School

They really helped me!

I am so happy that I heard about Empowered Kids.  I feel so much better and actually like going to school now!